Buying Or Selling A Home?

If the home has a wastewater system, it requires attention too.  Protect your investment!

Whether you're leaving a home you've enjoyed for many years, or are filled with anticipation of the happy times you'll experience in a new home, the process of buying or selling can be a stressful one. With mounds of paperwork to be complete, boxes to pack and unpack, and new surroundings to adjust to, the last thing you want to worry about is a potential septic problem.
With over 60 years in the business, Dawes Septic & Repair has the experience necessary to make sure you are educated and informed, and that your home's septic system is running smoothly.  Let us take some of the worry away so that you can focus on what's important: making new memories and enjoying the next chapter of your life!


Septic System Inspection

*Includes detailed inspection report and map* Excavate to tank, visually verify tank material (concrete, metal, block, etc.) Note water level. Visually inspect baffle condition. Visually inspect pipe condition and material. Perform a sludge test. Run water in house to verify flow into tank (running water must be available on site) Estimate tank size.

Locate and expose leaching system, determine type of system (trench, drywell, unconventional, etc). Visually inspect construction material and water level. Perform sludge test, if applicable.

Property owner must agree to allow Dawes Septic and Repair access to property with any and all equipment needed to perform inspection. Excavated area to be backfilled with soil removed.  If desired, septic tank cleaning can also be performed.