At Dawes Septic and Repair we are pleased to offer you septic services you can count on; but don't take our word for it.
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The Right Team

"As I have said to both Becky and Carl, doing business with Dawes has been a pleasure. I don't want to say that I look forward to having further problems that require your assistance, but let me say that I am delighted to know that if I do need help, you guys are there."


"Thank you very much!  Just wanted to say how professional & courteous your guys are!  They did a great job!"


"They do good work and. Don't overcharge. We've been using them since we bought our house in 09."

Well Respected

"Recently had an issue requiring their expertise.  Dawes came to the rescue.  Their knowledge and expertise is above all others.  Plus they know the topography of the communities within the Hudson Valley region.  They are also well respected by all the local building and health departments.  My highest recommendation. "

Patience and Education

"Liz and Carl couldn't be more helpful as I was really inexperienced with our septic system. We didn't actually have to get Carl to come and do any work but his patience and willingness to give advice to this new learner was so very much appreciated. I just want everyone to know how refreshing this was and you should give them a call."

They Treat You Like Family

"Great people that do a great job.  They treat you like family.   Answered all of my homeowner questions. Highly recommended."

Communication is Key

"They we're great until they started adding up the charges.  (with no warning) Great on the phone and quick to the site.  We needed a little help opening the tank lid. And at one point I went to get my drain snake so as not to have a UP CHARGE.  The driver was very nice (so nice I tipped him 25.00) Told me I was on over time anyway he would just use his snake not to worry.  Oh boy after the driver checks his gauges ........he determines how many gallons of septic are in the truck........Needless to say From a 300.00 quote to almost over 600.00 final bill..."

"Today in the mail I was contacted by a personal letter from the owner of Dawes Septic.  I'm now a fan and will promote Dawes Septic.  I'm still thinking my job was priced too high.  And I think if we had better communication at the job site as to pricing this would have gone better.  I had no problem with the work.  It was great..I was happy with the personnel, he was great and worked hard.  I was impressed with the folks on the phone.  I was dismayed with the way they arrived at my total bill.  And again still think it was over the top.  BUT I WILL USE THESE FOLKS AGAIN.  Because when you take the time to reach out to your unhappy customer.....this company deserves your business cause they go beyond to make sure youre ok and that kind of service is hard to find these days."

A Breath of Fresh Air 
"I reached out to Dawes after another septic company told me I needed a new system.  They came to this decision after standing in my front yard for 1 minute.  I didn't feel comfortable with his quick solution so I reached out to Dawes.

Dawes was a breath of fresh air.  They were prompt, friendly and fair.   During the process I worked with 4 different employees and each one was excellent.  They walked me through the intricacies of septic systems and made sure I understood exactly what they were doing before they started.  Turns out I didn't need a new system just a new distribution box.  It's rare to work with a company that takes prides in their work and with Dawes Septic it certainly shows.  I highly recommend this family run company."

Reliable Service
“The most honest reliable people I have worked with in Ulster County. I cannot recommend them more highly. They are the best.”

Knowledgeable Experts
“Great service, knowledgeable, helpful, very nice people to work with.”

Skilled and Efficient
“Most skilled and efficient excavating work in the county. No septic problem they had not seen and repaired already.”

Quality Workmanship
“The staff of Modena Earthworks and Supply was professional and courteous throughout the entire process of my drainage project from estimate to completion. They returned phone calls promptly, showed up on time, and finished the project on schedule. They took the time to explain what they were doing and how it would address the issues. Their workmanship was second to none. My yard looks better than I could have imagined. I would recommend this company without reservation. If you choose Modena Earthworks and Supply, you will get quality work, great customer service, and a spectacular end result.”

Caring Business
“It's very rare when you find a business that cares about your business the same way you do. Dawes cares and consistently meets us and our waste hauling needs more than half way. We highly recommend Dawes to anyone in need of their excellent services.”

Reliable Service
“I have been dealing with Dawes Septic for 7 years and have experience working with other companies. Dawes Septic fixes only real problems and never repairs anything that doesn't need fixing. They take the time to remove as much sludge from the bottom of your tank as possible which many companies fail to do. I am responsible for maintaining 40 septic tanks and would never choose any other company but them."

Reputable Company
“Dawes Septic has been taking care of our septic needs since 1988. That alone speaks volumes of how they treat their customers. As a business owner myself, I do understand how hard it is to find a reputable company that you can trust. I would recommend Dawes Septic 100 percent of the time to home owners and businesses alike.”

Highly Recommend
We just had an infiltration system added to our leach field yesterday and what an awesome job this company did! The dedication, professionalism, honesty and reasonable price is something you don't come across these days. It's comforting to know that there are business people out there that truly want to help people. I highly recommend Dawes Septic and a huge thank-you to Carl and Becky for keeping family tradition alive!

Simply the Best
Dawes is simply the best. Fast, reliable, friendly and true to their price quote! Thank you guys for excellent service!!

Courteous, professional, knowledgeable and a great crew. Would highly recommend them! Carl is the best!

Kind Hearted
Dear Mr. Chris Dawes, I am glad for your support on my project, the trees are excellent. I never in a million years thought the project could turn out this well! One of the reasons for my projects success was the ability to have such an abundant amount of mulch donated. ....I am pleased to have had your support and would like to cordially thank you for being so kind hearted.

Septic and Water Softener
Chris, I just wanted to thank you for advice regarding my septic and water softener, it was very much appreciated!