Excavation Services 

Once a small supply yard offering bulk stone, mulch and top soil, our Modena Earthworks division has grown to offer a variety of excavation services. We are able to provide design layout and implementation of various projects including:

  • Site work for new home build
  • Sewer Lines
  • Footing, perimeter & curtain drainage
  • Septic tank, drywell, &
    cesspool replacement
  • Installation of new septic systems
  • Leach Field repair and/or replacement
  • Wastewater System Design Services
  • Aerobic Units
  • Eljen System
  • Pump Chambers
  • Dosing Chambers
  • Mound Systems
  • Raised Bed Systems
  • Sewer pump installation and repair
  • Repair and replacement of pipes
  • Demolition

Our Cemetery Division provides professional and timely burial services, exhumations, footings, cremains, and snow removal.

Don't see your project in our list?

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